Dear circular city enthusiast

The inspiring Beyond Cirular South conference took place the 4th of December 2020. Attendees discovered more on how to create behavioural change to establish a circular city.

Over the last 3 years, Antwerp has taken a leading role towards being a circular economy with the Circular South project. Circular South is an Urban Innovative Actions initiative
created to promote the more efficient use of energy, water, waste, and materials by the citizens in Antwerp South.

Four panel discussions covered the key topics that underpin the Circular South project and characterise its approach: circularity, smart technologies, behavioural change & communities.

The final session covered keystones to Future Circular Cities.

10:00 Welcome
10:05 What is the Circular South project?
10:15 Introduction to the central topics of the 4 panel discussions
10:25 Panel 1: Circularity – On changing our relationship with resource flows
10:55 Panel 2: Behavioural change – On changing our ways
11:25 Short movie break
11:30 Panel 3: Smart technologies – On data and digital technology offering a helping hand
12:00 Panel 4: Community – On catalysing change in/through communities>
12:30 The final panel talk: From Circular South to Future Circular Cities
13:00 Closing
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